Joint Savings Account

Open an account in two peoples’ names or add another person to your existing account. Having a joint savings account is the same as having one on your own, except two people have control over the account, and can pay in and withdraw funds from the account. Joint savings accounts are a great way for two people to save together towards a joint goal, like a big event, maybe a holiday, or just a rainy-day fund.

  • With two people sharing one account, you can reach your shared savings goals faster.
  • You can both manage your account in branch, through Internet Banking or over the phone.
  • If the account comes with a Wesley® card, you can have one for each of you.
  • You can grow your savings even faster.
  • Both of you can set up standing orders.

Why Save With Us?

Wesley Microfinance Bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria

Your savings and deposits are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Scheme

Flexible Savings Tenors, Best Interest Rates Available & Low Transaction Fees


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